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Some photos to get started,  adding more as we can...


Thanks Deanna, for filming us at your Maia Fest 2011!  We had a great time!

photos coming...

Tainted Love by Marilyn Manson...Thanks to Andy Hagan for these photos!


  oh, the look...

Our biggest thanks and a huge hug to Broken Glass Photography!




Thanks to Dennis for these pics!   ...looking for your link Dennis!





at 2007 Halloween show....Golddigger...and the claw...





Lisa and Amy!





















Vamp with Suhaila--we are sweaty and whipped, but we did it!






















Vamp with Sadie!























Luna and Lisa with Sherri Wheatley!

You know the saying....and here we are in the back room with the booze.  Seems to be calling your name, Lisa!

Those Peaks-n-Pasties girls are so silly--that's why we like them!